Welcome to the area dedicated to the Silver Sponsor, below we list the information and material necessary for the realization of the visibility related to the event.

This package provides visibility opportunities summarized at this link, below you will find:

1. FILE – the characteristics that the files will have to have to realize all the graphic material

2. REQUEST SUPPORT – support solutions for file creation and graphic consulting

3. FILE UPLOAD – how to upload your files

1. File

All files must be sent no later than August 10

Below are some guidelines for providing the logo that will be used according to the agreements specified in the chosen package. Please provide the logo user manual where possible.

Type: raster file (jpg or png)
Size: 5 cm base
Color mode: RGB
Resolution: 72 DPI

Type: vector file (PDF or AI or EPS)
Size: 5 cm base
Color mode: CMYK


Type: raster file (TIF or EPS – avoid JPG or BITMAP)
HD format: at least 8 cm base
Color mode: CMYK
Resolution: 300 DPI

REPRODUCTION ON A PANEL or large formats in general
Type: vector file (PDF or AI or EPS)
Size: 30 cm base
Color mode: CMYK


Type: raster file (TIF or EPS – avoid JPG or BITMAP)
HD format: at least 30 cm base
Color mode: CMYK
Resolution: 300 DPI

ADVERTISING PAGE on Magazine AFTER DINNER (half page horizontal or vertical)
Type: raster file (PDF, TIF, EPS or JPG)
1/2 HORIZONTAL page – bleed dimensions: 190×110 mm
1/2 VERTICAL page – bleed dimensions: 92.5×225 mm
Page indicators: cutting marks
Color mode: CMYK
Resolution: 300 DPI

ROTATING ADVERTISING IMAGE (screens inside the event)
Type: pdf, jpg or Slide/Show compatible with Microsoft Power Point
Image size: 1920 1080 pixels. 16:9 ratio
The slide must be made with high resolution logos or images (150 dpi)
Color: RGB

CORPORATE MATERIAL (newsletter assagenti)
Text in Microsoft Word format at the discretion of the company. About 2500/3000 beats (spaces included).
Four photos to attach to the text, always at the discretion of the company.


Those who work in DOS should note that the file names are shortened to 8 letters during burning. To avoid the inconvenience, activate the option that keeps the names unchanged while burning.

For those who use PROGRAMS FOR WINDOWS such as EXCEL- COREL DRAW – POWER keep in mind that these programs are not suitable for the realization of professional prints

If it is impossible to use other programs more suitable for printing, the alternative is to provide us with files saved at the best possible resolution in the formats TIF or JPG, EPS, TGA, PDF.

However, keep in mind that if the original source is low definition, the more you enlarge the more imperfections will become accentuated, whatever the format in which it is saved.



If you have the files listed above, you can go to step 3 by loading one file at a time and naming it as indicated.

If you need support you can ask for the intervention of the communication agency gcore, with which the convention for the conception and production of graphic and web material is active.

Support is provided in these 2 types:

– Agreement, in the face of the purchase of one of the packages proposed for the corporate image, the Agency will take charge of the production of all formats useful for the visibility sponsor for the Dinner

– format layout; on the basis of the material held by the customer, a special offer will be made for the creation of the required formats.

To request this service write to info@gcore.it

upload File


    Target of the file (required)

    Please specify which use for this file
    es: placards and communication, website ...etc/


    Please upload the files one by one and name them as follows:
    namecompany_01, namecompany_02, ..etc

    If the file exceeds 5 MB in size use the online service free WeTransfer (link)

    Aallowed file formats: .ai, .pdf, .eps, .jpg,. tiff, .png, .gif, .zip, .rar

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